Thursday, September 8, 2011

Syrians are free (EN)

A famous Jewish-Romanian Christian Orthodox theologian and martyr of political persecution under the fascist and communist regimes, Nicolae Steinhardt, famously wrote after years of suffering for his beliefs that the essence of freedom is the physical courage in the face of death.

By this measure, a significant part of the Syrian people have already tasted and achieved freedom in an absolute sense that many in the 'free world' will never come even close to experiencing. Standing up in peaceful protest for months in spite of the Assad regime's murderous crackdown, they show once more that human nature can overcome itself and reach to something higher.

This is what the regime has been doing these days in the city of Homs.
And this is how protesters responded last night in the city center:

As a fellow human being, I feel both humbled and uplifted by their noble resistance.

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