Friday, February 19, 2010

Tough Call (EN)

I wonder whether this guy will be seen by the Tea Party movement (or by the New Barbarians) as a hero, or as a terrorist.

Watching this kind of public discourse and considering the current mental imbalance of a part of America, one has little alternative to concluding that this brand of "patriots" is inexorably drifting towards a radical ideology that may eventually consider terror-type attacks against state institutions as fair game.

And who will be to blame? Dixit Andrew Sullivan:

This FNC/RNC [Fox News Channel / Republican National Committee] merger is another threat to reasoned discourse in public life, because it is a showman's concoction of very powerful emotional elements: resentment, sex, religion, anger. It creates its own reality.  "We Do Not Torture"; everyone in Gitmo was the "Worst of the Worst"; the stimulus lowered growth; all the debt is Obama's fault; Obama is a Muslim and non-American; the White House is stacked with the Islamist/socialist enemy within; if we had not bailed out the banks, we would be roaring back from the recession; Obama wants to ignore the war in order to effect a radical transformation of America into some kind of scary version of France and Waziristan. And on and on. I'm not exaggerating. Listen to these maniacs. 
The last idea was fomented by Dick Cheney. And they are waiting for their moment: another terrorist attack that they will blame on the deliberate negligence of Barack Obama.

Yes, it's less than obvious how those who support torture against terror suspects could end up instigating terrorism.
But possible it is.

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